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Rtn. Mahammad Salim

Headmaster of Higher Secondary(10+2) level School in West Bengal, India

I'm Headmaster

Hello, I am Mahammad Salim,  NATIONAL AWARDEE TEACHER & Headmaster of Higher Secondary School in West Bengal-India

My Responsibilities

Block President of West Bengal Trinamool Secondary Teacher’s Associaltion

Advisor and Member of Rotary International Beldanga Eye Hospital

Vice-President of BIGYAN BHABNA (Science Magazine)


Mahammad Salim, a “Nationa I Awardee Teacher “heads Hareknagar A.M. Institution (10+2) level school in West Bengal. The school has become a benchmark for quality in teaching children as well as training teachers in public schools. His school declared “Best school in the State” in 2016.

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Language skills

• English                • Hindi                • Bengali               • Arabic


  • Master of Science (Chemistry)

    Specialization: Organic Chemistry


  • Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)

    Subject: Chemistry(H), Physics, Mathematics


  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science


  • Bachelor of Education


Extra Curricular Activities


Author : (10+2) level Chemistry Books (Chhaya Prakashani).


Writer : Articles to popularize science and scientific temperament.

Social Worker

Social Worker : To uplift the human quality & hence the upliftment of the society. Invited as public and private TALKS/ SPEECHES on the creation, creator and religion including science & humanity.


Surveyed : Women Trafficking, Water born diseases, child labor, school drop out, child marriage and dowry system etc.

My Hobbies

Study and understanding of Quran and other scriptures

Deep thinking about the creation of Universe and after life

Motivational Speeches

Playing Games: Football and Cricket



Sir, we are fortunate that we have a teacher as wonderful as you. The way you teach, The knowledge you share, The care you take,T he love you shower, Makes you the best teacher I have seen ever!


Mousumi Khatun

Sir actually i’m thankful to god that i’ve got such a great teacher in my life to support me,to light my way n to correct my errors. I promise u that i’ll try my heart n soul to make u happy about me.With respect,

Mousumi Khatun


Sir,you made our personality, one who easily negotiate all types of obstacles of life and reached at the extreme point of humanity,and leads the society towards a new dawn. You always overdominated in our heart and your thoughts always flourished our life.We are heartly enjoying this two years.This days are the most happiest and happiest moments in our life. We all are a walking miracle,created by almighty GOD,and we enjoy the taste of heavenly bliss,under your roof. You draw a line of joy in our heart forever. My A(positive) blood group converted to chemistry(positive),for your magic .Thank you, for being with us.


Ajuan Kabir

Its difficult to find a perfect man, but I found you as a most special person in the world. You are special and deserve special so have a special day today.

Ajuan Kabir


We appreciate your all advices which u give us… Some kind people accept it and some nonsense people refuse to accept.. Here the humanity will come by your advice in us and this will be continued to future.. We should co-operate with u in this awesome work , but dont think about this so much.. Sorry sir ,but Thank u sir to do something unique .. Thanx a lot


Saiful Islam

Sir, I Think That U R The Greatest Man In This World. I Am Proud That I Am Ur Student. When I Came Brhmpr I Used To Feel So Loneliness Bt When U, The Sun, When Come In My Life then I Am Fill Up with Joy And Hope. My Mother Says That Do U Know Why God Has Created Gaps Between Fingers? And I Always Say I Don’t Know. But Now I Have Got The Answer. The Answer Is “so That Some One Special Will Come In Ur Life And Fill Up The Gaps By Holding His Own Hands With Us” And I Have Got Him. He Is No One But U.

Saiful Islam


On this eve of teachers day not just from me to my teacher but by every true disciple of the world to his magnificent teacher- All we wish is your blessing to be with us forever all we pray is for you to be happy always all we desire is for God to give you to honour of being “THE BEST TEACHER.” We know we are not at the position of wising that but with a hope that on teachers day God will listen to the student for sure all we ask is- for your all wishes to be true always?




Address: 62, Exhibition  Bagan  Road,
Berhampore, Gorabazar,
Murshidabad, West Bengal,
Pin : 742101
Phone: +91-9609453234
E-Mail: salim_99mahammad@yahoo.com

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